1.- The agenda of capitalist interests against life

GROUP 1. The agenda of the capitalist interests against the life. The multinational corporations, transnational corporations and capitalist interests endanger the health of the lands, the food, the water and the woods with actions that cause diseases, plagues and death of the living beings.

 The world is being buffeted by multiple global crisis that manifests itself in a climate, financial, food, energy, institutional, cultural, ethical and spiritual crisis. These are the manifestations of unbridled consumerism and a model of society where the human being claims to be superior to Mother Earth. The world capitalist system to reproduce requires deepening the conditions of poverty and hunger in the world converting the nature in object of his ruthless predator control. It is a system characterized by the domination of the economy by gigantic transnational corporations whose targets are the accumulation of power and benefits, and for which the market values are more important than the lives of human beings and Mother Earth.

Because of that, the imbalances in the global economy and the unjust structures and outcomes in the trading, financial, monetary and technological systems, still prevail today, in some ways with even more adverse effects on developing countries. It is of great concern the increased concentration of wealth and income in the world, and especially the wide inequality between developed and developing countries. This level of inequality is unjustifiable and cannot be tolerated in a world where poverty is still prevalent, resources are depleting and environmental degradation increasing

The global financial, economic and technological systems are still dominated by a few countries which have established global rules under these systems that enable large economic monopolies and entities to obtain the most benefit while the developing countries as a whole continue to be marginalized. There is an increasing concentration of market power in increasingly large corporations, most of which are from developed countries, which implies the monopolization of the global market economy, and therefore measures must be adopted to address the social, economic and environmental effects that may arise from the operations of these corporations.

We are concerned that a few multinational companies in the world control about 60% of seed production linked to the business of agrochemicals controlling global agribusiness. Modern biotechnology has become a multimillion dollar business of a few companies all over the world and the production of transgenic crops has increased in the world. Moreover, synthetic biology is now much more active in the production of substances derived from natural botanical products and pharmaceuticals. Moreover geoengineering technology which constitutes the deliberate manipulation, large-scale, of the oceans, soils and / or the atmosphere, including those related to climate, puts at serious risk to ecosystems on the planet. Together these modern technologies enrich transnational capitalism attack the life systems of Mother Earth.

The twenty-first century is the time for the Countries and the Peoples from the South to develop its economies and societies in order to fulfill human needs sustainably, in line with harmony with nature and respect for Mother Earth. This must be undertaken building on our traditional values and practices of solidarity and collaboration for mutual benefit and on the strength of our people, to achieve progress in our countries and in South-South cooperation. The major priorities of our countries is to eradicate poverty, put an end to hunger and illiteracy, ensure clean water supply, generate rapid improvements in income and quality of life, provide basic services, and reduce social inequalities.

There is the need to continue and intensify our struggles for a fair and just social, economic, and political international oriented towards the fulfillment of the development needs of developing countries. A global action plan is needed to reduce global inequalities and to address the inequality issue in the world.  Also, the creation of new institutions or institutional arrangements that are needed to promote a new global order as well as to promote new development approaches in developing countries based on the principles of human dignity, sustainable development, harmony with Nature and the Living Well. We pledge to build on this foundation and make progress as fast as possible towards a world order that is just, equitable, stable and peaceful.

Questions to guide the virtual debate    

  1. Which ones should be the foundations for a global action plan to fighting capitalist world system?
  2. Which ones should be the strategy foundations and/or the fighting plan to defend the life, to save the humanity and to protect the Mother Earth?
  3. Which concrete actions we, as peoples, should assume to defend the life, save the humanity and to protect the Mother Earth?

Mail for the virtual debate: grupo1@jallalla.bo

The virtual debate will begin on september 21.